Christ Lutheran Church


There are many times when you should call the pastor.  Be confident these calls are welcome and it is a blessing to share in your life at times of joy and challenge.

Please call whenever someone is in the hospital.    Because of privacy issues hospitals are not allowed to share information with the church office, so we need to hear from you.

Call the pastor whenever there is a serious illness or accident.

Call the pastor whenever this is a serious concern in behavioral health, including depression or suicide.

Call the pastor when death approaches and immediately at the time of death.

Call the pastor before making contact with the funeral director to plan a funeral.

Finally call the pastor when a baby is born, while the mother and baby are still in the hospital.

Pastor Michael Lozano

Office: 724-981-2070   Cell:  352-672-1993

From the Pastor

The 100+ tulips in front of our church are beginning to poke their leaves out of the ground. There is an air of anticipation of Spring as things once dead and dormant come back to life. Our journey through Lent is of course patterned after the turning of the seasons. We go inward, using the disciplines of prayer, fasting and charitable acts to make ourselves ready for Easter, our springtime, once more.

Take note of the many activities we have planned for the remainder of Lent, Holy Week and Easter. And please plan on attending as many events as possible. I especially encourage you to set time aside for the Three Great Days – Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

Our springtime also brings change. On Palm Sunday, between the 8:30am and 11:00am Liturgies, we will have a final forum on Worship. After this time of discussion our Council will make a decision on Worship Times here at Christ Lutheran.

Additionally, as we move through our springtime, we will be bidding farewell to St. Stephen Academy North as Gladerun Lutheran Social Services have officially informed us that they are not renewing the lease for the Fall. We give thanks to God for the work of the staff and their impact on children’s lives in our community.

Finally, please keep Monica, our Church Secretary in prayer as she has her hip replaced, and I am once more left alone in the church office. I think she fears leaving me alone more than the surgery! Who knows what she may come back to???!!!

In anticipation of our Eastering,

+Pr. Lozano