While it is not about the numbers. "Where two or three are gathered there I am with you," says our Lord. And that is enough. I want to highlight a few numbers. First, 18. The number of day campers at our Lutherlyn Day Camp this year. This is double the number from last year, our first year. The word is getting out to our community and the children attending are excited to come back next year. Second, 26. The average attendance this year at VBS. Both 26 and 18 are made up of children from our church and community. Third, 32. And I know I am missing a few, but these were the adults and young adults of our congregation who helped to make the two weeks a great success.

Thanks to everyone who supported these two weeks of youth programming this year!

Remember our first day of Sunday School is September 9th. We return to our 8:30 and 11 worship schedule with Sunday School in between. We will have as our guest, Chaplain Randal Frenz from Bethesda Lutheran Services who will preach at both liturgies and bring to the adults an update on Bethesda while our Sunday School Children Rally.

We have an exciting year ahead for our children and there will be short course opportunities for our adults to gather and learn tougher. The first will be led by Pastor Don Hake starting on September 16th. For where two or three are gathered… It’s not about the numbers… Jesus is with us. And we are witnesses to his grace, mercy and love.

Pr. Lozano+

If you have not been down the Education Wing this summer, take a look. There’s been a few changes with more to follow.


There are many times when you should call the pastor.  Be confident these calls are welcome and it is a blessing to share in your life at times of joy and challenge.

Please call whenever someone is in the hospital.    Because of privacy issues hospitals are not allowed to share information with the church office, so we need to hear from you.

Call the pastor whenever there is a serious illness or accident.

Call the pastor whenever this is a serious concern in behavioral health, including depression or suicide.

Call the pastor when death approaches and immediately at the time of death.

Call the pastor before making contact with the funeral director to plan a funeral.

Finally call the pastor when a baby is born, while the mother and baby are still in the hospital.

Pastor Michael Lozano

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